Catalyst replacement
PME is know as a leading constractor of providing catalyst services for Refineries and Petrochemical plant in Viet Nam. Catalyst services that our company implemented left a strong impression in the oil and gas industry.
Our company expanded in operation and in cooperation with our strategic partner - Hydroprocessing Associates International (HPA) to take charge of implementing catalyst services worldwide. HPA is known as a premier catalyst international catalyst handing company that has deeply skilled management team with at average experience of more than 20 years each in the industry with a strong level of experience in working in inert atmosphere. HPA is also the proprietary owner of the Hydropac®dense loading system which is the most technically advanced system in the industry for dense loading or catalyst and absorent media.
With deep knowledge and experience in oil and gas industry as well as professional staff, our company focuses on high tech catalyst services and completes and customized solutions to refineries, petrochemical, gas processing, power plants and off-shore facilities