Scaffolding, insulation and refractory
PME has always been a brand mentioned with a record of safe working hours, certified by domestic and foreign enterprises such as Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical; Binh Son Refinery, Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant,....
Install / Dismantle / Modify scaffolding that our company brings is very much trusted and selected by customers for sustainable value: • Pioneering in applying modern construction technology, especially Rope access and Gondola
• Scaffolding materias: BS 1139 Standard
• Quantity is over 50,000 m3
• Fully equiptments and machine supporting for the work: Workshops, stores, forklift, cargo, crane, bending machine in Vung Tau, Dung Quat, Nghi Son By currently power, we are ready for providing scaffolding services for : Common Pipe rack Flare rack Tank; sphere tanks Pipe rack on Jetty Construction work .
For Insulation, PME provides customers with optimal solutions in construction Insulation for: Vessel, Tank, Heater, Boiler, Reactor, .. with: hot insulation; cold insulation; sound insulation; ... .
PME specilizes in distributing refractory products: Silic refractory bricks, cenosphere, silic, alumina, samot, SiC, clay, Ceramic material, carbon E-10, carbon E- 15,..used for cement industry, boilers, metallurgy, ..