Many exist in solar power development

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that it has discovered some problems in solar power projects in 10 localities and will report them to handle violations.

In early March, the Ministry of Industry and Trade established an inspection team on solar power development. This agency also requested localities and Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to review solar power projects and propose operational solutions to limit the reduction of operating power sources.

At the regular press conference on the afternoon of June 16, Mr. Hoang Tien Dung – Director of the Department of Electricity and Renewable Energy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said that the delegation inspected the development of solar power in 10 provinces and cities. has a large installed capacity of this type of energy, is considered as a hot development place for solar power (ground solar power, rooftop solar power, rooftop farm solar power…).

The results of the inspection of records and the fieldwork at the projects show that there are many shortcomings and the Ministry has sent a document to the People’s Committees of the provinces, proposing to strictly handle violations. On this basis, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will summarize, report and submit to competent authorities for consideration and handling. However, Mr. Dung refused to provide details of the shortcomings.


A farm solar power project in Ninh Thuan. Photo: Ha Duy

A month ago, the police of Binh Phuoc province also requested to review all rooftop solar power projects in the form of farms before the fact that many rooftop solar power projects in the form of farms are deformed, circumventing the law. profiteering. Most of the projects “hidden” under the cover of applying for a conversion from land for perennial crops to annual crops, and then doing projects on livestock and vegetable farms, etc. But, according to Binh’s Public Security Phuoc, they do not raise any children, do not plant any trees, but make concrete pillars, iron pillars, and racks to install solar batteries, then sign a contract with the power company to sell electricity at a low price. endow.

According to EVN’s data by the end of May 21, the installed capacity of farm solar power is more than 10,310 MW; Rooftop solar power has 104,282 projects with a total capacity of 9,580 MW, an increase of nearly 1,600 MW compared to the end of 2020. Wind power capacity is more than 610 MW.

Renewable energy projects, especially solar power projects (farms, rooftops, etc.) have developed massively and are not controlled in accordance with demand, causing difficulties in the operation of the power system. .

Regarding the submission of electricity planning VIII to the Government , Mr. Hoang Tien Dung said that the Ministry of Industry and Trade could not submit to the Government on June 15, as requested by the Prime Minister, due to the review process of “headlines”. Government leadership delivered longer than expected.

The Department of Electricity and Renewable Energy has coordinated with the consulting unit to review the power source development program; review the investment in the power grid; the renewable energy development plan ensures a reasonable ratio between traditional and renewable energy sources, minimizing difficulties in power system operation.

Update the grid development program in sync with the power source, minimize the reduction of renewable energy sources, and at the same time review the appropriate investment capital for the future power development program.

“This is a difficult task, with a large volume of work, so it takes more time. The ministry will try to complete it and get opinions from stakeholders by the end of June,” Mr. Dung said.