Insulation replacement and painting CUI at BSR using Rope access

On 05/04/2023, PME finished the Insulation replacement and painting CUI for the Fuel supply piping of Tower T2103.The Tower T2103 is 158.4m hight, this is the one of the most dificulty Tower in BSR. The Tower very hight and has small outside Dimention so we get great shaking and dificulty when we working at hight. In this project the manpower must be has working at hight skill and insulation & paiting skill. PME is one of the first compny in Quang Ngai provice  in rope access training. The first employees were sent by the company to train in Malaysia since 2015, and now PME has many ROA level 3 as well as Level 1 and 2 personnel.

Picture of the Tower T2103 in BSR

Saferty training before working

Pictures of PME under construction at the project.